Emotional healing on all levels

Dealing with emotion in a healthy way is the key to wellbeing of body and mind

Suppressed emotion and unhealed trauma from childhood are the main reason for psychological and psycho-somatic problems. Up to now it was state of the art that there was nothing one could do about such complaints, and that one would just have to “get along with it”.

Fortunately that is not true. Even many years after a traumatic event this can be worked through in a healing way. Often with huge positive consequences for someone’s mental and physical health.

The Completion Process is an ideal add-on to my way of working, and helps to unblock emotional barriers, healing long suppressed pain. It is not just a quick-fix – it is real and sustainable healing, that is made possible.

During my sessions I assist clients in becoming conscious of their own emotions, and learn to acknowledge these as useful hints to find back to a more intuitive lifestyle. Mental hardships are mastered with more ease, while physical complaints are alleviated.

Body and mind come back into a healthy balance.

I will support you in these fields:

  • Hendrik Roggemann, certified completion process practitioner ny teal swanStrengthening of self-confidence and self-love
  • Integration and healing of suppressed emotion
  • Dealing with psycho-somatic complaints
  • Mental stabilization during phases of exhaustion and burn-out
  • Release of emotional trauma using different healing modalities


Healing from emotional trauma means starting to see life in full colour. It is well worth the effort.