About the Completion Process for Emotional Trauma Healing

Teal Swan has invented a powerful process to heal emotional trauma. And she called it The Completion Process.

Why most of us need the Completion Process

Teal has invented the process, as she explains in the video linked here, because nothing else worked on her to heal her own post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after her experience of severe sexual abuse. She became an expert in this field of therapy out of the necessity to help herself. And now this process can be used to help others.

Not only physical events like abuse or violence cause trauma, but also the suppression of emotions in our childhood, mostly through invalidation by parents, teachers, etc. We learn that having certain emotions, that are considered not appropriate, are wrong. So we suppress them whenever they occur.

Thus emotional trauma is almost inevitable while growing up in our current society.

At some point in life this gets back to us and we develop chronic diseases, chronic pain or mental disorders like depression, burn-out and others.

When the Completion Process is the right thing for you

If you resonate with one of the following questions, the Completion Process is made for you:

  • Do you often feel sad or depressed without exactly knowing why?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or stress?
  • Do you sometimes get angry without really knowing why?
  • Do you find yourself repeatedly in unhealthy relationships?
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain or diseases that are considered psychosomatic by your medical doctor?

The Completion Process helps to go back to the original trauma and heal it right at that root cause.

As a certified practitioner of the Completion Process I was trained by Teal Swan to guide others through this healing process and be unconditionally present whilest doing this.

Contact me, if you are interested in experiencing the healing power of the Completion Process.

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