About me

Hendrik Roggemann, born 1970.

Hendrik Roggemann, certified completion process practitioner ny teal swanAfter studying economics and a 13 year career as an IT- and business process consultant in different projects all over the world, I changed focus on following my passion for coaching and psychology on the one hand and photography on the other hand.

I am a trained hypnotherapist working according to the teachings of Milton Erickson and his students. I also have a background in systemic coaching approaches.

Over the years more and more also spiritual elements found their way into my life. Even today, I still see myself more grounded than esoteric. But the teachings of people like Eckhart Tolle, Teal Swan and A Course in Miracles have influenced the way I look at life today.

Completion Process Certified Practitioner by Teal Swan

Me with Teal Swan after the Completion Process Practitioners Workshop

With Teal Swan after the Completion Process Practitioners Workshop

In May 2016 I was one of the first facilitators in Europe to be trained by the famous spiritual teacher and trauma expert Teal Swan in the “Completion Process”, which is a tool to heal emotional trauma within a guided meditation.

The Completion Process is now an important extension of my tool box and has also lead to huge personal growth for myself.

My specialities are working with shadows and suppressed emotions and unraveling of inner defense mechanisms that prevent someone from accessing his/her emotions.

I assist people to bring light into the dark areas of the soul and finally heal from past wounds that were buried in the unsconscious mind.

Life can be so much more colorful with every trauma you reveal and heal with the Completion Process.

From my own experience I can truly say that this path is worth the effort.